15 January 2010

Morocco - CouchSurfing subsaharan Dunes

Salam Morocco

Morocco is a place highly worthwhile and fun to explore, especially because of its convenient tourism infrastructure. Although also famous for Beach resorts like Agadir I would certainly not recommend Morocco to sun & beach-cracks. On the contrary medieval towns like Fes, Mèknes or Marrakech boost vast so called Medinas to explore. In these open-air markets the faux guides and never ending harassments cause hassles and inconveniences. Therefore try to stick with your own instincts and orientation skills.

Transport through Morocco is relatively convenient thanks to a well maintained road system. Trains are also easy to go with though there's only one route in service (Marrakech/Tanger-Oujda). The cheapest fare for Fes-Casa is 110 Dh, whereas Casa-Marrakech costs 90 Dh.

A coach from Marrakech to Fes at 120D h is considerably cheaper compared to a 196 Dh train ticket, takes the same time and boosts the same standard.

Inside the cities the red petit taxis are the prime choice for transport.

Hostels and so called Ryads are abundant. Prices and included amenities vary. With 100 Dh a night you're all right. Prices drop in the low season and for every additional person.

To get the best deals for souvenirs peek into the small back lanes and Ryads where the Souvenirs are produced. Generally you have to bargain boldly and leave the shop area entirely at least once to beat down sky-rocketing american-tourist-prices.

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