26 December 2009

Basel - Switzerland

Basel is the second biggest city in Switzerland and lies right in the three-country-triangle next to the river Rhine. Although it‘s streets might make you think it may be tranquil here, it‘s not! Basel is the bustling business center of Switzerland. It‘s a bank robber‘s heaven whereas I certainly don not recommend Basel for culture or architecture lovers or people in search for repose. People here speak foremost German, Swiss German and French.
Among others, one compulsory activity for youth is the BarRouge on the 31st floor of the Messeturm towering Basel. Have a cafe or a chilled drink in this hip lounge chatting with the friendly staff, figuring out the structure of Basel or taking rejoice of the picturesque sunset.
In summer a fun thing to do happens to be on the Badische Seite (German Side) of the Rhine river bank. Get rid of your clothes upriver and enjoy a 500 meter river ride floating or swimming to the next ramp.
Don‘t miss the beautiful Basel Dome and it‘s nearby terrace which provides scenic views of the Rhine turn. Make sure visiting the town hall. It‘s a unique red-colored building.
Concerning the transport you should opt for walking. Though Swiss trams are highly convenient the distances are short and reward with better insights.

More pics? Go to craig-antweiler.de

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