15 June 2011

Changing the Route - Logs by Roadjunky

We're on a dirty, busy gas station in Basel. We've just had a short lift from southern Germany. Now we're looking for the third ride in today's race to Lago d'Orta in northern Italy.
It's the first time we have to ask in different languages. I try my french. Quickly we find somebody and we thrust our bags in the back of the smoky VW golf. Only then we discover that the driver is going the wrong way. Fortunately the driver gives us a map. It's possibly helping us today.

Then we meet a young woman. Kathrin's most willing to give us a ride and really excited about our stories on hitch-hiking all over the world. She's from Luxembourg and working as a social worker in a small village.

Heading south we decide to continue the nice talk until Bern therefore totally altering our planned route. We discuss the possibly adventurous route over the mountain passes south of Bern and find it to be promising. Sometimes it's simply better to let follow you's host's plans.

Kathrin drops us at a gas station around noon.

Keep hitching ... in English or Deutsch

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