16 June 2011

Crossing over to the A9 bound for Leipzig - Logs by Roadjunky

At the Ellwangerberg we decide not to continue north on the A7 but to somewhat cross via the A6 on the A9. We find a man with his Mercedes Coupé offering us to give a ride to Nuremberg.

He shares his job experiences with us. As a junior professor he's having problems to stay on his preferred university because of strange regulations that force junior professors to change colleges after 5 years.

Darkness is falling as we reach the gas station on the A6 near Nuremberg. Sadly a Leipzig-bound car is full. As we approach people two women simply ignore us. But we know the problem: People loose their trust in hitch-hikers in the dark. We can't blame them for that.

With our cutest smiles we lure an old couple from Zwickau to take us with them. They're satisfying every prejudice about old people from Zwickau region. The woman is holding tight to her map reading out aloud the next intersections in the best of all Saxony intonations. She seems to be ruling the house.

From a Raststätte on the A9 we get a lift to Osterfeld, the last Raststätte before Leipzig.

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