16 June 2011

Mystery - Logs by Roadjunky

At Osterfeld a respectable man with best clothes quickly offers to give us a ride in his luxury BMW. He talks with us about hitch-hiking and the life in Leipzig and Berlin. Slowly but steady the Bernd becomes increasingly mysterious: He just cam back from his girlfriend in Jena who is an architect. They have just bought a nice estate from the former Minister of Finance of the DDR at a Berlin lake. He seriously invites us to visit him there and stresses he would cover all expenses. He says his work is important for everybody every day. While wandering what it could be we pass our exit for Leipzig-West.

It doesn't matter at all. Bernd is going to drop us at the airport where we can catch a train to Leipzig. We continue the thrilling conversation right to the end. At the airport we exchnage contact details and bid farewell. Then we head for the station.

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