16 June 2011

Village-hopping in Italy - Logs by Roadjunky

2 days fun with fellow roadjunkies have passed. Now something that I've never done before: hitch-hiking back 1200 kilometers to Leipzig in one day! Let's stage the challenge!

We give Robert and Franzi again the chance to go first. Waiting two minutes and they have a lift. Our car follows just seconds later.

The italian woman is on her way to work. She drops us in Omegna city center. It's a rather calm town. We put up our thumb and cardboards in the middle of a road junction. It's big fun to watch the Italian drivers explaining why they can't take us: They wave their arms, smile and have authentic eye contact with us. That makes hitch-hikers happy even if we don't get our lift. Finally a few meters away an Italian hippie stops. We exchange hitching stories in Italian for another 5 kilometers.

Standing by a big roundabout we're unlucky so we decide to cross the motorway junction. The cars are passing by fast but suddenly an Audi A8 comes to a halt 10 meters behind us.

It's a friendly Italian going another 10 kms towards the Swiss border. In terms of communication it's a dream, because it's a two-channel mode: we're speaking Spanish, he's answering in Portuguese. And on top his name is Ivan, but no Russian relatives whatsoever.

In the next town it's a matter of blinks and we hurry into a sporty VW Golf with a young Italian. He's going to the Italian border town. We speed through the meandering road by the Lago Maggiore.

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