15 June 2011

Hitting the Road, Heading for the Race - Logs by Roadjunky

Once again we're hitting the road. This time with Dany, to take part in the German Hitch-Hiking Championship. It's going to start in Freiburg in southern Germany.

It's sunny and warm. We're pretty optimistic to make it there smoothly. Our Leipzig friends Robert and Franzi already left one hour earlier.

We're waiting for the bus because actually it is quite difficult to get out of the city. Still we use the time  trying to flag down one of the passing cars in front of the main station. No wonder nobody's stopping: Most cars are going somewhere in Leipzig city center.

30 minutes later we're standing at a bus stop within sight of the A9 Autobahn. This is the main launchpad for any lifts to the South and West of Germany.

Nobody seems to be willing to stop so we cross the junction and stand in the dirt a few meters behind it.
After half an hour a young guy stops and we jump in. What a lucky day: He's going in our direction and we can stay with him for 300 kilometers through Saxony and Thuringia.

It turns out he's a busy engineer sometimes testing machines in India and all over Europe. He changes his route to bring us to the next suitable gas station on the North-South-Highway A7. Dany and I wonder where our friends would be right now. They're taking a different route heading for Munich first and then crossing over to Karlsruhe.

Stay tuned ... in English or Deutsch

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