15 June 2011

Stuttgart Patriot loving genealogy - Logs by Roadjunky

BB stands for Böblingen

There is a nice atmosphere around our gas station: Lots of vivid families chatting about the upcoming holidays and heaving lunch in the sun. We're pretty much an attraction with our creative T-Shirts that we had just sprayed yesterday evening.

As usual we talk to the people at the gas pump. After some five minutes or one sandwich we convince a grey-haired man to take us with him. It's a really comfortable ride in his Mercedes jeep.

We're talking about his family and his interest in genealogy. Apparently he's just visited many relatives all around Europe to try out his computer application. He tells us enthusiastically about it's capabilities to show 3D-genealogical trees and pictures of relatives dating back to the 16th century.

We talk about the Stuttgart 21-project and discuss happening from related projects like the one in Cologne. I also try to guess his occupation and luckily I'm right with Mercedes Benz, which is one of the biggest companies in the Stuttgart area. After a short hop we have to get off near Stuttgart, because our driver lives further east.

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