16 June 2011

Speeding through Allgäu - Logs by Roadjunky

Standing at the Swiss-Austrian border in Bregenz we quickly get a lift. It's a retired stage designed on his way to meet his wife - a theater actress - in Munich. He's really talkative and talks with us just about everything. In that way we also get to know that he's actually never hitch-hiked but instead he's really into hiking. When he was young, he explains, he sometimes hiked a thousand kilometers in a week. Those times he slept in barns but he thinks that today farmers are different.

At 200 km/h we speed through the picturesque Allgäu in his great car - a big Peugeout with glassed roof. When somebody's blocking the left lane the old man with his grey long ponytail shouts "Sleeping Italian!" or "Where did he win his licence?" I love his humor and his stories.

Since there's no gas station on the A96 he gives us a short lift on the A7 northwards to a really special Raststätte. It looks as if it was designed by Austrian artist Hundertwasser: really colourful and lots of mosaics.

En route ... in English or Deutsch

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