15 June 2011

Pickaback through Tunnels - Logs by Roadjunky

Pickaback on a train through the Lötschbergtunnel - another first-time

Had loads of fun with swiss David and Caroline

Awesome, we already made it to Bern by noon and were are probably taking a whole different route than the others. Dany and I already thought to leave the idea of the race behind us. Let's see what comes next...

In French, Italian, Spanish, german and mixed languages we wander about the gas station asking people. Finally we go to the nearby Restaurant because there seem to be more cars. Quickly I meet a nice young couple and they give me their word that they'd take us with them after lunch. Since they're heading through the supposedly adventurous tunnel we're happy, camp down and have our own lunch. Cars pass by with passengers staring at us. Never mind. Buon appetit.

Less than one hour later David and Caroline come back from the restaurant and we hit the road. While having nice conversations with the two accountancies we're leaving the motorway and continuing on national routes. The landscape is increasingly breathtaking: Huge mountains with snowy summits and lush greenery with some cozy-looking mountain huts scattered around - in one word Switzerland.

Our early nervousness about our adventurous route fades away as David and Caroline tell us, that the tunnel is indeed a toll tunnel but that it's a commonly used transport means to cross from one side of the tunnel to the other. But the doubts are back as the radio announces that another tunnel was buring because of an accident. Anyways for us Germans it's an adventure.

On a small, ugly concrete terminal punched out of the virgin nature of the Lötschtal we're taken pickaback by a train. Unfortunately nobody's allowed to leave the car during the ride through the long Lötschbergtunnel.

Just minutes after the tunnel we bid farewell to David and Caroline who are heading for hiking in the area. Luckily a Frenchman takes us another 5 Kilometers into the Valley to the central trunk road through the world known gorgeous Wallis valley.

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